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Taming of the shrew
Updated: 4/17/2020
Taming of the shrew
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  • Baptisa is the father of Bianca and Katherine. Bianca is the little sister, people say that Bianca is the pretty and smart one. Katherine is the older sister, people say she is very mean. The suitors of Bianca are very mad. They are mad because they want to marry Bianca but Katherine has to be married first. The problem is that nobody wants to marry Katherine
  • Baptista
  • Katherine
  • Bianca
  • Petrucio
  • All the men have come up with a plan for one of them to marry Bianca. Petrucio is going to marry Katherine. Luciento and Tranio are going to be tutors for Bianca while switching they're appearances.
  • Hortensio
  • Gremio
  • Tranio
  • Luciento
  • Petrucio got Baptista's blessing to marry Katherine. Petrucio was trying to be nice to Katherine but she was mad because she has to marry him.
  • Psssshhhh
  • I love you
  • Petrucio brung Katherine to another city. Petrucio was acting very inmature. Petrucio was trying to clam down Katherine because she was mad that they were getting married. When they werer coing back to there home city Petrucio finally calmed down Katherine and shes wasn't mad that they were going to get married.
  • Luciento got to marry Bianca. Another suitor got married and they are going to have a part celebrating all three marragies.
  • I do
  • Katherine was the only wife to show up. Katherine was mad at the other wives so she had to talk to them. Katherine thought the other wives manners.
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