Life During the Red Scare
Updated: 1/30/2020
Life During the Red Scare
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The horrid truth behind McCarthyism and the Red Scare is represented through unjust accusations of people being a communist without adequate evidence.

Storyboard Text

  • Hey, you must be a communist cause you dress like one!!! I'm adding you to Amercas Blacklist
  • List of Comunistssssss
  • 5 seconds in, Communist, Commii, Commi!! I'm getting sleep right after this fake trial...
  • I AM INNOCENT, judge
  • Case Closed Lock him up with the rest
  • My life's over and I did nothing! Please God help me, all I did was come to this country for a job
  • The person on the left is a government official who is accusing the person on the right as a communist due to the way he dressed, (unfair and inaccurate evidence) thus, adding to a blacklist.
  • Created By: Rafi Miah, Gabriella Lorenzi, & Keron Persaud (Period 6)
  • The innocent civilian whose accused of being a communist is at court in which the judge has no interest in, believing he's a communist although, without adequate evidence. Also, the red and yellow color significance is to show who was accused of being a communist as those are the colors of communist Soviet Russia's flag.
  • The accused communist who is innocent was unjustly put behind the bars, now reflecting how his life is over and without any purpose being isolated from society.
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