Updated: 7/4/2020
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  • 1. Good Morning Brother
  • 3. Come let's go and brush our teeth
  • 2. Good MorningVaibhav
  • 3.Come let's go out and play after this
  • 2.Vaibhav , this is called as a plain mirror and it is infact your reflection that is seen on the mirror
  • 1.Raghav, how is there another me on the mirror?
  • 1.Brother why is smoke coming out of the paper?
  • 2.It is because of the heat from the sun , which is reflected by the concave mirror
  • Vaibhav & Raghav wake up to experience a bright morning
  • 1.Vaibhav if you look at the pencil now it might look to be broken but it is actually in one piece..infact it is an illusion of the light
  • Vaibhav is very curious and asks many questions...In the plain mirror the image is the exact same size of the object but inverted
  • 1.Raghav, What are you looking at?
  • 2.I am looking at far off stars and planets,Vaibhav...this telescope enlarges image to high an extent , this helps us observe planets 
  • In a concave mirror when the object is at infinity, the image is formed at focus the above case the sun is at infinity and paper is a focus
  • 1.Raghav can i ask one last question?
  • Refraction of light takes place when light travels from one medium to another
  • 2.This is awesome brother!!
  • Telescope have compound lens(two lens ) that hepls us see far off planets
  • At the end of the day Raghav is very tired and is fast asleep
  • Looks like he is asleep ....Yawn time for me to sleep too...
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