The midnight visitor
Updated: 5/23/2020
The midnight visitor

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  • Is he really a secret agent?
  • I'm receiving important papers around 12.
  • One night a writer named Fowler went to visit a man named Ausable. Fowler couldn't believe that Ausable was a secret agent because he looked disheveled.
  • Second time someone came in through that window because of the balcony!
  • Around midnight, Ausable told Fowler that someone was going to bring him a pretty important paper that is about Russia's new missiles.
  • That's the police I called earlier.
  • knock knock!
  • When Ausable and Fowler entered Ausable's room, a men named Max was standing there with a pistol. He entered the room with a key to the room and he was there to take the important paper from Ausable.
  • There isn't a actual balcony out there. Also it was just the butler.
  • Ausable knew that something dangerous was going to happen so he told Max that it's the second time someone has broken into the room through the window becuase of the balcony that's there. Max believed what Ausable said to him.
  • Then there was a knock on the door. This time Ausable told Max that it was the police he called earlier since he was going to receive such important papers. Max believed Ausable once again.
  • Max didn't want to get caught by the police so he jumped off the window to the non-existing balcony. The person who came in was a butler and all that was a story Ausable quickly made up in his mind.