Updated: 2/22/2021

Storyboard Text

  • "I'm listening" Said the son , Studding the board "Check".
  • "listen to the wind" says Mr. White who, bin losing the game of chess.
  • Ding Dong
  • "Sergeant-Major Morris" He said, come in, come in its chilly out here.
  • Well Thank you Mr. White, Long time no see.
  • Its very dangerous I must say it didn't bring me any good.
  • lets see it the monkeys paw .
  • Out side, the night was cold and wet while the white family waits for Sergeant-Major Morris to come over after 21 years.
  • "Passes over paw to Mr. White"
  • Im Going to go to bed now dad i have to work in the morning if u do get the monkeys paw u sould wish for 200 pounds it could help pay off the house
  • Sergeant -Major Morris Walking towards the door very loudly while leaving the gate behind him slam, while walking heavily toward the door.
  • Thank your for coming to visit and the paw too hope it does me good.
  • Well good luck indeed hope to see you in the next 21 years.
  • Mr. White and the family began asking Sergeant-Major Morris about the monkeys paw.
  • "I wish for 200 pounds"
  • Herbert goes to bed to get up to go work at the mill in the morning. Mr. White gets to keep the monkeys paw but promises Sergeant-Major Morris He will burn it.
  • Sergeant-Major Morris leaves the Whites house leaving the paw with Mr. White hoping nothing happens to him.
  • Mr. White thinking about what he wants to wish for before going to bed he grabs the monkeys paw and wishes for what his son told him he should wish for.