My story
Updated: 5/23/2020
My story

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  • All of us:
  • Isla:
  • This is Isla.She is 12 years old and was born in January 2008. Her favourite animal is an elephant. Her favourite colour is blue. She likes dessert. Her favourite foods are pizza, burger, hot dog etc. She likes dancing, singing, acting and cooking.
  • Erin:
  • This is Erin. She is 9 years old and was born in January 2011. Her favourite animals are big cats, horses and dogs. Her favourite colour is orange. She like cheese and onion crisps. Her favourite foods are pasta bolognese, lasagne and tuna toasties. She loves horse riding.
  • Rachel:
  • This is Rachel.She is 50 years young and was born in November 1969. Her favourite animals are cats. Her favourite colour is green. She likes feta cheese. Her favourite meals are lasagne and a roast dinner. She also likes horse riding and used to be a horse rider.
  • Nick:
  • This is Nick.He is 43 years young and was born in November 1976. His favourite animal is an otter. He does a lot of cooking and makes yummy food in the kitchen. His favourite food is falafel. He also likes reading.
  • Suki:
  • This is Suki.She is our pet cat. She was born in May 2006 and is 14 years old in human years. Her favourite animals are mice so she can catch them. She likes chicken/fish treats and tuna. She also likes sleeping and eating.