English project
Updated: 3/15/2021
English project

Storyboard Text

  • I made the best shot I have ever taken and guess what it went in!! Are you proud of me
  • Why doesn’t Jesse want to talk about the NBA like we normally do? He is just so fixed to this “sweet apple pie”
  • This girl is changing Jesse’s life. She’s changing my life. I’m going to talk to mum.
  • What if mum tells me to ‘grow up’ or find something to do. No she won’t she’s my mother.
  • Mum, Jesse doesn’t want to talk to me like we normally do. He just wants to talk to that girl.
  • It was a Saturday a normal old Saturday night after Jesse and Jordan had just got back from basketball training. Jesse is speaking to his new ‘sweet apple pie’ and Jordan is not happy. He wants to talk to his brother about Steph Curry and the score in the basketball but Jesse only wants to talk to his new girlfriend 
  • Why now, but everybody goes through these phases you see and you will be in one soon
  • You’ve just got to go up and see if he has ended the call if not just try to engage and join with them. That’s what I did when my sister did that to me. Go and try
  • Next time in part two: Jordan sits down with Jesse and his girlfriend
  • Is mum actually right is it that simple. I will be like this soon. Oh there still on the call I’m going to sit down and join them now