Catilinarian Conspiracy
Updated: 10/10/2018
Catilinarian Conspiracy
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  • Crassus turns up at Cicero's house with some anonymous letters warning of an upcoming massacre
  • 19th October, 63BC
  • Cicero reads the letters out in the Senate. An emergency decree is passed meaning Cicero is able to make quick decisions without debating in the Senate.
  • 20th October, 63BC
  • Manlius (Catiline's sidekick) is in open rebellion and has an army gathered about 100 miles of rome. The plan was to help Catiline become Consul by marching on Rome, and Catiline would take away their debts. But Manlius went public with the rebellion too early.
  • 27th October, 63BC
  • Two senators were sent were sent out with an army to deal with this threat. Great rewards were offered to anyone that would come forward with information. Catiline is still in Rome with no evidence against him.
  • Early November, 63BC
  • Catiline holds a secret meeting with his close associates. Some would go to meet Manlius, some would start fires around Rome and some would murders. Cicero first...
  • Murderers turn up at Cicero's house pretending they just want to talk to him. Cicero's house is guarded and he is safe. That day Cicero denounced Catiline infront of the whole Senate.
  • 7th November, 63BC
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