black veil
Updated: 3/19/2020
black veil

Storyboard Text

  • In this first scene everyone first sees Mr. Hooper with the veil on his face. They are wondering why he was covering almost his whole face.
  • Mr.Hooper went to a funeral and when he looked over the body it was as if the lady was able to see his face
  • Mr.Hooper's fiance wants him to take the veil off for her so she can see if anything is wrong with his face because she's the only one who isn't scared of him but when he refuses she calls off the engagement and now Mr.Hooper is sad
  • This is the wedding scene and in this scene Mr.Hooper was making a toast but he accidentally dropped his drink and wasted it on the carpet and after that he runs out
  • Everyone can all agree that it was strange for Mr.Hooper to wear the veil over his face but they all felt that it made him a better preacher in some type of way
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