Madeline Frankenstien
Updated: 2/13/2020
Madeline Frankenstien

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  • Viktor was raised in Geneva, Switzerland and had a happy childhood. He had a mother and a father. Viktors father took in Caroline as his bride after her father died. Caroline soon gave birth to Viktor and thats how their family started. One year Viktor and his family went to Italy. They travel a lot as a family.
  • I am by birth a Genevese, and my family is one of the most distinguished in that republic (Shelly 17).
  • He strove to shelter her, as a fair exotic is sheltered by the gardener, from every rougher wind (Shelly 19).
  • Caroline and Viktor's father went to visit a shelter. Caroline felt like she had to as she was once alone like this. In the foster home the two found Elizabeth. She was a flower in the thorns of poverty. When in Italy at their cabin Viktor read a book on natural history and loved it. Though it was outdated.
  • She continued with her foster parents, and bloomed in their rude abode (Shelly 20).
  • It was the secrets of heaven and earth that I desired to learn (Shelly 21).