My coraline storyboard

Updated: 6/2/2020
My coraline storyboard

Storyboard Text

  • At the start of the story coralline moves to a new and strange apartment that she shares with other people named miss forciblemiss spink and the crazy old man.
  • One night when coraline was sleeping she heard the mouse so she chased it and in took her to the other world where her other parents with button eyes ate.
  • Coraline other mother traps her in a dark room because coraline was disobeying her.
  • A little while after coraline moves into her new apartment she gets board she’s wants her parents to play and entertain her but they are too busy doing work.
  • Coraline enters the other world and finds it very strange she smells some nice food so she takes a peek and finds a women that looks like her mother but just with button eyes.
  • Coraline finds a snow globe with her parents inside of it. The other mother has trapped her parents
  • Coraline was doing everything she could to find her parents she was determaind to.
  • After coraline challenged her fake mother she comes back home and finds the globe broken and then she’s sees her parents coming from the doorcoraline was ecstatic that she found her parents.