Updated: 6/16/2020

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  • Minsol: The past week has been one of the greatest adventures of our lives! Discovering South Africa’s fauna and flora and the circle of life gave us an idea of the importance that animal conservation truly has. The wildlife surrounding us with the green natures and the cooling ponds where animals grazed nearby, gave us some time away from the busy streets of Dubai. Our experience in the Plains was truly amazing and we would certainly recommend Nambiti plains to travel for a nature-based experience.
  • Hector: Throughout this trip we have done all kinds of activities this amazing place offers, from fishing in a pond alongside wildlife, swimming in wondrous waterfalls, and watching a cheetah catch her prey. We have seen the environment and wildlife grow and enhance our experience. This place offers more activities ranging from safari rides, getting close to wildlife to ziplines to helicopter rides
  • Ryan: Sunrise and Sunset safari rides have opened our eyes up to the nature of African Savannahs while providing us with relaxation and cultivating landscapes. This trip was definitely our best one yet, not only did we hear the joyful trumpet noise from the elephants, mighty roar and felt the ground shake as rhinoceros would run around the savannah, but we also got educated on these different animals, how they live and their relationships between each other.
  • Natalia: The inviting staff helped us become more acquainted with this wild area and our safari guide, Ted furnished us with such information and furthermore has given us a great time as we went to the obscure locations, and explored numerous cultivating sites. From the dawn game rides, we picked up information about how regularly lions eat, the gestation period of an elephant, and that lions and elephants are the most family-situated species separated from us.
  • Hector: After long days of intense investigating, interacting, and disconnecting from reality, we had the most divine dinners at the restaurant, where the waiters gave us delicious, homemade options of food whether there was a campfire, picnic or a fancy evening dish at the restaurant.
  • Minsol: hands down, the tranquil sough of the waterfalls, comfortably clean beds in our cabana’s, world-class cuisine, tanning in the golden sun, and cooling down in the refreshing pool while watching African wildlife; this resort is a 10/10 without a doubt!!