yr 8 melodrama

Updated: 1/11/2021
yr 8 melodrama

Storyboard Description

for drama

Storyboard Text

  • We must go at once, Constance, to the safety of your father's house.
  • Albert, the C-Count said he wants to m-marry me. I am a-afraid he will h-harm you if I d-do not agree
  • They will come this way. mwhahahahah. We will ambush them here as they pass by, Igor.
  • Yess hahahaha! Very good, Count.
  • This way, hurry.
  • A few minutes later...
  • Mwhahaha. He has no idea.
  • Never! I am betrothed to Albert.
  • Stand where you are! I have an arrow!
  • Constance, you and I are getting married.
  • If you do not jump, I shall KILL the woman.
  • Alas, I have no choice!
  • Albert D-DON'T!
  • But not for long, my dear. Albert, I want you to jump off this cliff into the sea..