Updated: 1/25/2020
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  • Brooks High
  • Its monday morning.
  • I have chemistry next.
  • I saw her again today in the hallway
  • Cant wait to get out of here
  • Coming out of chem, I see her walking up to me.
  • !!!!!! Umm yeah sure
  • Hi there,I always see you around here, wanna grab lunch.
  • Lets go to this vintage diner its right accross the street
  • Lydia then takes out her cellphone from her favorite beaded jacket with a serious look on her face.
  • Bye.
  • ok,I have to leave now, my dad is expecting me
  • we spent the past three hours talkng
  • Hi its done, I did what you asked.
  • Look I know what happened to you, calm down, ill explain more after school will go to my house, ok? ¨umm ok....¨ I respond.
  • Im in bed not able to sleep, where suddenly I open my eyes and everythin in my room is levetating.
  • I walk around to see a floating shoe, as I touch the floating shoe everything falls down.
  • I then find her and decide to tell her.
  • The next day I search for Lydia in hesitation wondering if I should tell her about yesterday.
  • We get to Lydias house where she introduces me to her father, he said he knew my bioloical parents and continued to talk with me. He takes me into his office and says ¨You know what Luke, I know you have been experiencing strane thins that dont make any sense¨. ¨How did you know¨. I say. ¨You see Im a genetic engineer and you were one of my experiments. EXPERIMENTS!!!!!!!!!! ¨You know how your bioloical parents unfortunatley died in a car accidents¨.¨Yes¨, I respond. ¨Well I was a witness of it, you see your parents and I were driving back from this christmas party and there was this drunk driver... Luke you were in this car and you were in a really bad condition so I decided to take you to my lab you were so close to dying, so my only option was to try to alter your genes and thats how you got your abillities, and it saved you¨. Seven years later, Luke and Lydia got married, and ecided to live their lives as normal people and also learned how to control their powers, they were still interested in learning more about genetic engineering, Luke and Lydia now have a lab to experiment and discover new thhins and they also have a daughter whos two years old. They are watching her every move wondering if one day she will show any signs of powers
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