Updated: 2/7/2020

Storyboard Text

  • STANZA 1
  • STANZA 2
  • STANZA 3
  • ¨Tis some visitor¨
  • He mentions that it was midnight and that he was nearly napping where he suddenly hears somebody knocking at his door.
  • STANZA 4
  • He also mentions that its cold in december and that he reads to forget about his lost love lenore.
  • STANZA 5
  • LENORE?!
  • He then stands up and says
  • STANZA 6
  • He grew with frustration and opens the door to see nothin but darkness.
  • He then stands there fearing/doubting seeing nothing but darkness he then says the word ¨Lenore¨. And an echo murmered back ¨Lenore and nothing more¨
  • Lenore and nothing more.
  • He then turns back to go to sleep, but once aain he hears knocking and somewhat louder than before, but this time he thinks its coming from the window.