" Why the Tortoise's Shell is Not Smooth" - Rani
Updated: 9/24/2018
" Why the Tortoise's Shell is Not Smooth" - Rani
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  • "You do not know me said tortoise i am a changed man."
  • "you are full of cunning and you are ungrateful. If we allow you to come with us you will soon begin your mischief."
  • they each gave him a feather, with which he made two wings.
  • "His speech was so eloquent that all the birds were glad they brought him, and nodded their heads in approval of all he said."
  • "at last the party arrived in the sky and their hosts were very happy to see them.
  • "Tortoise stood up in his many-colored plumage and thanked them for their invitation."
  • "For whom have you prepared this feast ?" "for all of you," replied the man"... you remember that my name is all of you" "they will serve you when i have eaten."
  • "The birds gathered around to eat what was left and to peck bones he had thrown all about the floor."
  • the parrot delivered tortoise's message because of angry he was and wanted to get revenge.
  • "tell my life, said tortoise," "to bring out all the soft things in my house and cover the compound"
  • "but when he reached Tortoise's house he told his wife to bring out all the hard things in the house."
  • when all was ready he let himself go.. and then like the sound of his cannon he crashed on the compound"
  • "and so she brought out her hsuband's hoes, machetes, spears, guns, and even his cannon"
  • tortoise didn't die but his shell broke into pieces and was fixed by a great medicine man in the neighborhood but was no longer smooth.
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