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start of human origin
Updated: 9/14/2020
start of human origin
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  • during pre-historic times (before the invention of writing) hominids lived and were humans and other creatures that stood upright.
  • an example of hominids is the cro-magnons. They lived 40,000 years ago. They were identical to modern humans and were strong and usually 5'6. They studied and stalked their prey and had lots of tools with specialized uses.
  • we need to have a plan before we go hunting.
  • They were nomads, meaning they were people who moved place to place searching for new food sources! also called hunter-gatherers!
  • I think I see a place to settle for now!
  • Then later, the neolithic revolution occurred which was the switch from hunter-gatherers to full-on farming! farming provided a steady food source. A type of farming they used was slash and burn where they cut trees and burned them to clear a field for crops.
  • so much crops to collect!
  • Later on, these villages would soon turn into cities with new people called sumerians. They would make organizations in the community like a government, called institutions. They would also create irrigation systems—the system of supplying land with water with canals, ditches, etc.— to produce extra crops.
  • With irrigations, it provided an opportunity for Sumerians to learn a skill in a specific kind of work and it was called specialization. An example would be artisans. They developed a skill at designing jewelry, fashioning tools, and making clothing.
  • Thank you for fashioning this!
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