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sine / cosine rule
Updated: 9/16/2020
sine / cosine rule
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  • Lets find the distance of a.
  • for finding sides
  • a / sin(A) = b / sin(B)a / sin(67) = 167 / sin(78)a = 167sin(67) / sin(78)a = 157.16m
  • 67° (A)
  • 167m (b)
  • 78° (B)
  • a
  • oooh, what a long walk!
  • Javid and Rashid wants to find his third clue, now earlier on during arrival there was a sign on the plane track stating "top of pyramid", so he goes to find the distance of the pyramid. so he could walk it up there.
  • CLUE 3
  • Comprehending this, he discovered how long this pyramid side (a) separation is by appropriating the sine rule. Rashid and Javid must propose to get the third clue box, the distance from the bottom pryramid of the side to the top is 157.16m
  • CLUE 3
  • CLUE 3Congratulations on finding the third clue, never knew you would make it this far. so close yet so far, from the golden prize (treasure). for the 4th and final clue this is hidden back in hometown were it all started as a kid.Unfortunately this is all the clue i have left...GOOD LUCK
  • Javid and Rashid made there way to the top of the pyramid.
  • That clue wasnt clear enough, didnt even have a treasure map.
  • Javid and Rashid spots the third clue box, he then makes his way to grab the box.
  • He finds the final clue, yet no treasure map. They both went back down to the plane track and made their way back.
  • On the way back to hometown, they discuss on how the clue wasnt specific enough, and had no treaure map.TO BE CONTINUED...
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