The Giver by Rashmeet singh Blagan
Updated: 1/11/2020
The Giver by Rashmeet singh Blagan
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  • Jonas went to the ceremony of 12 where he was choosen to be the next receiver.
  • Jonas starts his training and receives memories from the giver.
  • Jonas receives memories such as snow, sledding, color, weather, pain, war, camping, and the sun.
  • Rosemary could not handle the memories that she was being given and thus she was released
  • Jonas realizes that he lives in a community that is evil and also learns that the receiver before him, was the the daughter of the Giver whose name was rosemary
  • Jonas and the Giver come up with a plan to change the community. Jonas will learn all of the memories and when he is released the entire community will know the memories he had from the giver
  • so Jonas decided to leave because he knew that Gabe was going to be released early
  • so finally they reached thier destination out of the community and he saved gabe
  • we made it Gabe ! we made it out of the community
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