Highway Transportation System
Updated: 9/23/2018
Highway Transportation System
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  • This box shows various different types of vehicles and people using the same roadway, similar to what I observed at the college. For example, there is a commercial truck, a taxi, a car, a school bus, and a person walking his dog all using the turnpike in this frame. Similarly, at the college, there were students going to and from classes, people entering the campus in cars, club cars, and even a gardener using a lawnmower all at the intersection near West Hall.
  • NJ Turnpike Exit 8A
  • Above, is a scene of an accident at an intersection. This is one way that the vehicles and people on the HTS can interact, although it is a negative way. This greatly differs from the types of interactions I see at the MCC campus. One example I have seen on campus is of people in cars asking pedestrians for directions to a certain building (I have also been asked for directions to West Hall while walking back from soccer practice).
  • OH MY GOSH! Someone call the fire department! Is there an ambulance?! HELP!!
  • Don't worry! There is an ambulance on the scene and firefighters are on their way here!
  • This box clears up a common misconception that many people have, including me. Prior to having the opportunity to learn about the HTS, I always assumed that a highway consists of lots of vehicular traffic moving a couple feet every five minutes, or cars zooming past each other at speeds of 70 or 80 mph. The frame below shows a scene completely opposing my past description of a highway, but this frame is also a part of the Highway Transportation System. People chilling, walking, biking, skateboarding, etc. on local roads or in school zones also fits into the HTS.
  • Finally, after observing different parts of the HTS and coming together, we came to a conclusion that safety is a crucial part of making sure the HTS is successful. Due to measures like stop signs, traffic lights, crossing guards, police patrols, and laws in general, people can stay safe while getting from point A to B efficiently. 
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