12th night
Updated: 4/9/2021
12th night

Storyboard Text

  • My dad said that Justin probably wont make the team
  • We should make a plan so Justin doesn't make the team
  • At school there are basketball tryout. Only 10 people get to make the team. Justin might make the team but nobody likes him because he is a showoff and doesn't pass the ball.
  • Tom's dad is one of the coaches of the basketball team and his dad said that Justin probably wont make it on the team.
  • Mark starts to make a plan to make Justin look bad at basketball so he doesn't make the team.
  • You are cut from the team Justin 
  • Mark put a note in Justin's locker that looks like the coach wrote it and it said that he didn't need to try at practice and he could just mess around.
  • During tryouts Justin did not wear a shirt and he was running around and screaming
  • After practice coach wanted to talk to Justin so he could cut him from the team.