The universal forces
Updated: 2/2/2020
The universal forces
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  • Why do you have to be so self centered?
  • I don't know man, I'm just bigger than you.
  • Female: Why are you getting so close to me?!
  • I guess it's just because you are so attractive.
  • Extra STRETCHY!
  • Wow! That is so cool! But does it stay like this?
  • Rubber Band Store-Get them while they're stretchy!
  • Course not, dude. The band gets weaker and weaker over time. And if anyone lost 100 dollars wrapped in a rubber band, I found the rubber band.
  • This joke was incorporated to show that the earth's gravity, one of the universal forces is pulling in our moon and clearly not letting go. This is explained when the earth says "I am bigger than you". The more mass of an object the stronger the gravitational pull. Shrish Venkatesan.
  • What? Why did I barely even slide?
  • This joke makes clear sense because opposites attract. On a magnet it is north and south, where south is getting closer and closer because of the equal magnetic attraction from north. Shrish Venkatesan.
  • Johnny, you cannot slide on blacktop. There is too much friction. Friction won't just let you slide.
  • How is that? The blacktop isn't alive, is it? Or is there just some magical force that doesn't let me slide?
  • This cartoon describes elasticity, in its simplest form. A rubber band. It returns to its normal shape after being stretched. Although, this is not true for all rubber bands. Shrish Venkatesan.
  • When I slide on the grass I slide further. See, son? This is because there is less sliding friction, due to the smooth surface. This means that there is less resistance of motion from the ground towards me. The rougher the surface (less the moisture), the more the friction
  • This scene shows Johnny (The boy) not being able to slide across blacktop. Shrish Venkatesan
  • This scene shows Johnny's mom explaining what stops Johnny from sliding far. Shrish Venkatesan.
  • In this scene Johnny's mom shows that friction is affected by the rough/smoothness of the surfaces. Also, the lest moisture the more friction. This is the main reason why climbers put chalk on their fingers. It takes out most moisture for better friction with the surface. Shrish Venkatesan.
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