A murder is announced

Updated: 6/15/2020
A murder is announced

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Summarizing events from last reading

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  • Miss Marple was visiting her niece, Diana 'Bunch' Harmon, and the two began discussing the shooting over tea. As Mrs. Harmon was moving a vase, her cat scratched her and she accidentally spilt water on the lamp cable. The lights suddenly went out, and Mrs. Harmon left to catch her bus.
  • 'But, Hinch, she wasn't there...' (Christie 293)
  • After she witnessed this incident, Miss Marple quietly sat in the dark and began to write notes about the case. By the time her page was full, she had solved the murders.
  • Meanwhile, Miss Hinchcliffe was trying to help Miss Murgatroyd remember what she saw the night of the hold-up. As they were discussing this, they heard what they assumed to be a stick as it tapped on the window.
  • Miss Murgatroyd remembered what she saw, but suddenly Miss Hinchcliffe got a call; their dog, Cutie, was at the police department. Miss Hinchcliffe took the car to pick up the dog as Miss Murgatroyd shouted after her friend.
  • Miss Murgatroyd started taking the laundry off the clothesline as the rain began. Somebody approached from behind her, and a voice offered to give her a scarf. Just as she accepted the offer, they slipped the scarf around her throat and proceeded to strangle her.
  • Miss Hinchcliffe met Miss Marple as she was returning home, and together they started searching for Miss Murgatroyd. However, the two eventually found the Irish Setter howling beside her body. Miss Marple tried to console Miss Hinchcliffe, who vowed to avenge her friend.