Bio Ante-Natal HW

Updated: 5/12/2020
Bio Ante-Natal HW

Storyboard Text

  • Ahh! I can feel my baby kicking!
  • Ah yes the miracle of life and it looks like you were just introduced to it, so here is how to care for your baby
  • Firstly, you must forget about drinking and smoking if you are, and take on healthy habits, this can prevent your to be child from being a miscarriage or being born with diseases
  • Yes! Please do
  • Some forms of these healthy habits can be to eat a clean and healthy diet while also exercising to keep your health up! So basically do your best to keep healthy and stay away from things like alcohol as it can have damaging effects on the baby and to kill two birds with one stone keep healthy and stay fit, for the best baby!
  • Wow! Thank you for telling me that I will surely keep it in mind, have a nice day!