romeo and juliet act 3 scene1 rauda sultan 9D
Updated: 5/18/2020
romeo and juliet act 3 scene1 rauda sultan 9D

Storyboard Text

  • mercutio talking to benvolio and mocking the capulet's
  • ''the curse of the two housees
  • ''well peace be with you ' here comes my man
  • men's eyes were made to look and let gaze 'ai will not budge for no man's pleasue i.''
  • tybalt coming to find romeo because he wants to fight him
  • ''you're a villian''. boy 'your words don't excuse the harm you've done so now draw your swords''
  • tybalt tries to fight romeo but he refuses him 'and mercutio steps in and decides to fight tybalt
  • "the thrust of a sword will end this surrender
  • ''i am no villian. so,goodbye . i can tell that you dont know who i am."
  • "come on sir perform your forward thrust
  • 'noble mercutio,put your swords away
  • romeo trying to break up the fight between mercutio and tybalt
  • "i'll fight you"
  • i've been hurt may a plague curse both familirs
  • 'have courage man . the wound can't be that bad"
  • tybalt reaches under romeos arm and stabbs merutio with his sword
  • romeo comes in and fight tybalt and stabbs him with his sword
  • "wretched boy you're gonna have to go to heaven with him
  • "this fight will decide who dies