Fahrenheit 451
Updated: 12/18/2019
Fahrenheit 451
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  • The hearth and the Salamander
  • "Since i was twenty, Ten years ago"
  • "how long've have you been a firemen"
  • The Sieve and the sand
  • "Something the matter,Montag"
  • "We're in front of our house"
  • Burning Bright
  • The Scene where Montag meets Clarisse is important to the novel because the interactions with his new friend began to changer his perspective.
  • Hiding!
  • This scene when Montag and Captain beatty arrive to Montag's house, this is where montag realizes that Captain beatty had known all along and at the same time this is the moment where Mildred leaves Montag and Montag is now alone.
  • Running!
  • Gator's Land
  • I Was Outlawed for being to different
  • After Montag was forced to burn his own house and killed his Captain he had no other choice but to run and look for help. He came across these professors and while they were all in the process of running and while they were running the city was bombed.
  • Discovering!
  • Montag and his new friends continue on the run and stake in caves and woods to find some type of shelter and not cause attention to themselves.
  • Montag and his friends its time to get a vehicle so they find a cheap one from the ancient times and they begin to travel to towns over and go to a resturant...
  • When Montag and his friends go to a resturant to eat and when Montag saw a girl that looked just like Clarisse and went up to her and realized it really was her he realized who Captain beatty really was.
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