The Mexican American War

Updated: 5/3/2020
The Mexican American War

Storyboard Text

  • I am the president Polk of the US and I will give you 30 million for New Mexico and California.
  • Sorry to tell you Mr.President but we refuse to sell them to you!
  • They are trying to invade!! SHOOT!!!
  • They killed them
  • We have to inform Mr. president!!!
  • What!!!I declare war!!!
  • Some American soldiers got killed by the Mexicans!!!!
  • Yes this is New Mexico!!
  • Is this New Mexico?It is now one of our US territories
  • We captured Mexico city under the orders of Winfred Scott!!!
  • I, Zachary Taylor just defeated Santa Anna in the battle of Buena Vista
  • Fine, give it to me, which just want peace in Mexico.
  • Here, this is the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, sign it to end the war.