Science final prodct
Updated: 6/7/2020
Science final prodct

Storyboard Text

  • Hello my name is Gneiss and I am a Metamorphic rock.
  • I have a very big family. I have to brothers and two sisters. I also have two parents.
  • My brothers are Pumice and Basalt and they are both igneous rocks. I also have two sistersShale and Limestone.
  • My Parents are Granite and Diorite
  • When I am sad I break down into little piece's which are called sedeiments. After a little bit of time when my piece cement back together I am happy again. This is what happens in the rock cycle
  • The rock cycle is a cycle where my friend, family and cousins grow up and change form.
  • When I am feeling stressed I feel very pressured and I also start sweating a lot. I am put on so much pressure that I even start melting. After a long period of time I change form into a metamorphic rock so that I stop feeling stressed.
  • All of the emotions that I had just mentioned to you about, happen in the rock cycle. For example heat and pressure
  • Heat and pressure is a procces in which the rock changes from. In this case because the rock is being put under heat and pressure it will change into a metamorphic rock