the mysterious death
Updated: 6/3/2020
the mysterious death

Storyboard Text

  • well...ok ,i will help.i would like to see the crime scene , could one of you lead me to that place ,tomorrow 10:30 sharp
  • The Mysterious death
  • detective oscar !, please solve my case
  • we have a unusual sucide case ; our team is baffled by this case , please help us
  • TIM's fruit market
  • i see
  • this place witness the most crime in this whole state
  • walmart
  • we could only find this much clues
  • there is something suspicious about that officer .I think i should stalk him
  • welcome
  • I was going my usual day , solving small cases of crime ,but one day it all changed. i was called out by a person.He then rushed towards me and pleaded me to solve a particular case .i accepted to solve the case and decided to visit the rime scene the next day.
  • The way lead through a dark alley ,filled with trashes and all sorts of things , making it a perfect place for crime . we entered one of the building in the alley ;many polices lined there collecting clues for the crime .
  • when i entered the place , the first thing i saw was a suspended 'welcome' board . While investigating the place , i got a strand of hair ,a comb and a drop of saliva ,which i found below the dead person . many police have found some clues . while talking with one of such police , I noticed a sinister grin on one of the officer and he started to back out of the conversation .
  • I decided to follow him to find whether he is guilty or not.First he ate a lunch of fish,eggs and meat ,then he went to his home. Before his entry to his home i placed a hidden microphone so that i could here his conversation.the night i return to his house to pick up a word or two ;there was a conversation between the officer and a stranger ,after the conversation , i got to know that the stranger was a hitman who was hired by the police to kill the innocent person .
  • "here 's your money for your commission""you've done a great job on taking him down "
  • click to pause the conversation (11)
  • with this conversation and the clue I will be able to prove that he and his hitman is guilty for murder . in the clues , the comb turned out be a knife retractable comb and the strand of hair was dyed to look like the victim's hair ,but the drop of spit was hard to crack .I walked back and forth thinking on how to crack it ,then suddenly , my light bulb sparked , immediately i took up my phone searched the instagram of the police . he turned out to be a body builder ;
  • if i mix biuret with this fluid (saliva) i can find the presence of protein
  • and you know what is the diet of a body builder : protein food . I knew how to test the presence of protein the saliva ,i took up my test tube and filled it with 50ml of biuret (blue solution) and mixed it with the saliva ;the solution changed its colour to purple-pink solution ,and the last clue was solved . I was able to prove him as guilty and earned me a higher rank .