Punic wars
Updated: 1/5/2021
Punic wars

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  • First Punic War:
  • First Punic War: Elaborated
  • We want Sicily
  • We were here first!
  • Second Punic War:
  • Just a little longer and we will be at Rome
  • Romans arrive at Sicily wanting to take it over, but discover Carthaginian colonies established on the island.
  • Second Punic War: Elaborated
  • No! I want war!
  • Hey man, can we just call it quits and forget about it?
  • The Romans made replicas of the Carthaginian ships, and attached themselves and climbed onto the Carthage ships to make it more of a land fight because Romans excelled in land wars. The Romans won the first Punic War and own Sicily.
  • The Third Punic War:
  • We are gonna destroy you!
  • Oh no! what are they doing here?
  • Carthage was now controlling most of Spain and their territory was growing closer to Rome's northern boarder. Rome helped Spain rebel, and Carthage didn't like that. Hannibal lead him and his men through the Alps to get to Rome to get revenge.
  • Third Punic War:Elaborated
  • Finally! VICTORY!
  • Hannibal had Rome held down and was destroying it, when Rome made a surprise attack on Carthage. Hannibal was force to come home and defend. Hannibal tried to make an agreement with Rome but they refused. They went to war and Rome destroyed Hannibal's army. Hannibal ran away from work and drank himself to death with poison. Rome had won the Second Punic War.
  • Rome was still not satisfied with the victory or the Second Punic War and Hannibal's death. They wanted to ruin the city and ensure that Carthage would never be able to put Rome at jeopardy ever again, but before they did that, they had to break down Carthage's walls.
  • Rome returned to Carthage to burn and ruin the city so it was never a competitor with Rome again. Rome now won the Punic and controlled all of the Mediterranean.
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