Assignment 10!!!
Updated: 1/15/2021
Assignment 10!!!

Storyboard Text

  • Start of game demo
  • First encounter with enemy
  • First time outside the castle
  • At the start of the game (level 1) the player will spawn in his castle, in his throne room and into his throne.
  • Into the village
  • The player then encounters a enemy for the first time and the way to beat him is to swing your sword, and by hitting him, this kills/defeats him.
  • Entering the dark forest
  • Next, the player exits the castle and the scene changes. The amount of enemies increases so you have to defeat them like you did the last enemy.
  • Inside the dark forest
  • After, the player will reach the village and his people to find out that they have escaped and the town is empty. The only thing there is, is the enemies you have to fight to continue.
  • The Knight seeks revenge for taking his food so the scene changes to an entrance to the dark forest, as that is the only way to reach the dragon's castle.
  • The knight finally enters the dark forest to defeat The Fat dragon and get back his food for the banquet. The forest was full of the evil knights, but there was a new enemy... it was a pterodactyl.