Updated: 12/1/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Today you will learn on how to use social media properly
  • I will teach you the positive and negative effects of soc med
  • And why we need to be responsible in using social media
  • Sir!
  • Anyone from the class. What do you think is social media
  • Okay Mr.Gonzales
  • I think that social media is use to communicate to other people
  • that is correct Mr. Gonzales
  • Who else have other answers?Anyone?
  • Okay go on Mr.Ramirez
  • I think that social media is used to to network career opportunities
  • Well done Mr. Ramirez
  • So we mus be careful of using social media, today i will teach you on how to use it properly
  • Social media is use to create and share contents around the globe
  • Social media is the fastest way to spread ideas by the use of internet