maths integrated activity

Updated: 6/15/2021
maths integrated activity

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  • 4. to Dan: Okto Jack: Jack you can go to his room, he is just finishing up some homework .
  • 1.Good evening Mrs. Johnson!
  • 2.Hi Jack! Just a second, Daaaan! Jack is here!
  • 5. OK Mrs. Jackson, I can help him too.
  • 3,Ok MOM, tell him to come to my room!
  • 2. Umm... its 625 but why do you want to know that and why are you saying it the long way???
  • 4. Nooo, My precious high score!
  • 5. I mean you could just use exponents. instead of saying 5x5x5x5 you can say 5 raised to 4.
  • 3.I wanted to find out my new current score, that beat yours by the way and what do you mean the 'long way'?
  • 1.bro, what is 5 x 5 x 5 x 5
  • 2. an exponent is a number given to a number or expression which is the amount of times it should be multiplied by itself, it's usually expressed as a raised symbol beside the number or expression
  • 3. oh can you tell me ways exponents are used in real life
  • 1. EXPONENTS??what are they?
  • 3. yea , we study it at 7th grade onwards. my big brother taught me when he was learning.
  • 1. One example happened 5 minutes ago. instead of saying a number , for example 2 , we can say 2 raised to 4 instead of 2x2x2x2. we can also make a big number small like 8 is 4 raised to 2
  • 2.oh ok , we haven't studied this in school yet , how do you know all this
  • YAY!
  • children! come here, I made some snacks.