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Updated: 12/23/2019
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  • Hero: Israel the Valiant Knight
  • Villain: Damien the three headed beast
  • The Companion: Alatar the Powerful Wizard of the Great Plains
  • Israel the valiant Knight of the West. He was the King's trusty knight. They had been friends since they were children.
  • Chapter One
  • I will help.
  • The Kingdom needs your help. We are in grave danger.
  • Damien was the three headed beast that terrified the entire West. No one had ever seen their face and gotten out alive. They made loud roaring sounds during the night that terrified the villages surrounding the cave. Villagers were in constant fear.
  • Chapter Two
  • Alatar was the most powerful wizard in the entire nation. However, he wasn't trusted or liked by others because he was a wizard. Wizards were considered evil.
  • Chapter Three
  • Thank you for helping me, we couldn't have done it without you.
  • It was a pleasure to help. I am glad your kingdom is now safe.
  • Israel met Alatar in an abandoned forest. The Kingdom was not sure whether to trust Alatar, but Israel made it clear that they had no other choice. Alatar was the only person who could defeat the three headed beast. It was a risk they had to take.
  • After Israel and the King agreed to Alatar's conditions. They both headed to the forbidden part of the West. As they entered the cave the walls began glowing blood red and when they looked up there they were. Damien the three headed was there. Israel got out his sword and Alatar did a spell with fire to contain them
  • Once Israel defeated Damien the three headed beast with the help of Alatar the villages around the cave were safe.
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