StoryBoard LLCE
Updated: 3/9/2021
StoryBoard LLCE

Storyboard Text

  • I go to see my childhood friend impatiently !!
  • The narrator it's a childhood of Roderick Usher and the narrator is coming to meet Roderick. Name of narrator is unknown.
  • I like to hear you play guitar
  • thank's i make also art paint !
  • this it's a mansion of bloodline Usher's and we can see a tarn ahead of this mansion. this is a place relocated in the forest.
  • this mansion have a gothic genre and it's here that the story will take place. Roderick and Madeline the sister of Roderick are the heir of this mansion.
  • The narrator came to help Roderick about this madness ans the acutness of senses which is develops. But Roderick share this work about these arts (guitar, painting)
  • Madeline suffer of an illness mysterious and Roderick thought that Madeline was died. after this event Madeline woke up of this coffin and fall before narrator and Roderick
  • at the begining of visit of narrator the fissure was barely perceptible at the roof to the floor but a storm made a big fissure. This will create "The fall of the House of Usher". only the narrator will survive