story board for 5th period
Updated: 2/14/2020
story board for 5th period
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  • the reason why the British wanted India because was of all the jewelry and resources that India had so they told the Indians that they would have there freedom if Britain would "help" they never did this plan would go on for years then Gandhi came and put a end to this.
  • the reason why India wants the British out of there country is because Britain promised India freedom but they never gave it, so instead Britain maid some Indians slaves, (workers without pay) and they also told them they would be independent but of course India did not get independence but Britain had only maid it worse.
  • the Amritsar massacre was a very horrific massacre. people of India where peacefully protesting, and children where too as the lead protester was talking a tank blocking the way out, and many armed solders came in arms ready and aimed at the people then a Britain general dyer commenced, a attack on lot of inocent people that where protesting peacefully, and not violently protesting. gernral dyer was asked "should we warn them" but dyer said " they had there warning then bang bang 26000 bulets shot killed 400 people and thousands were injured dyer was judged by the military council and was kicked out of the minitary with no punishment.
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