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Updated: 3/27/2020
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  • Early 1900s - Ernst Mayr
  • The second theme, common descent, discusses on how every organism on earth can are interlinked to one another through common ancestry.
  • The contents of Darwin's Theory of Evolution can be based upon 5 key themes.
  • "Evolution of Such" refers to how Darwin believed that animals can evolve over an epoch of time.
  • 1882
  • Finally, Natural Selection refers to survival of the fittest and how organisms naturally gain beneficial traits. It refers to the ability to change within a species.
  • Gradualism was a concept that Charles proposed suggesting evolution took place at a slow pace. This lead hem to accurately believe that the Earth's existence was longer than what was estimated at the time.
  • Population specian refers to Darwin's thoughts on how hereditary traits are affected by the enviroment.
  • 1905 - William Bateson
  • Sources:
  • Ronojoy Gr8 G1
  • Naturalist Charles Darwin releases "The Origin of Species", politician says it can change the course of zoology, botany and biology forever.
  • Charles Darwin1809-1882
  • Cells procure some small proteins that appear to be the instructions for the characteristics of a body. They also are in every cell. Wait! Darwin stated how traits are passed on from parent to offspring, and Gregor Windel proposed the existence of such proteins.
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