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Updated: 9/15/2020
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  • getting ready to camp
  • 1. ordinary world: a good night for camping
  • I am so excited to camp here tonight
  • just hanging out haves a good time by the fire
  • 2. call to adventure: the bear approaches
  • I heard a growl!!!
  • Did you hear that?
  • the bear starts walking up
  • 3. refusal of the call: runs from the bear
  • It's a bear. RUN!!!
  • 5. crossing the first threshold: decides to save them
  • 6. test: beat bearallies: his friendsenemy: the bear
  • hold on. I'll save us
  • runs back to camp
  • you can do it!!!
  • 4. mentor: friends motivate him
  • 8. the ordeal: faces the bear
  • 7. approach to the inmost cave: goes up to the bear
  • *yelling loud noises to scare the bear*
  • bear runs away
  • 9. reward: seeing the bear run off
  • 10. the road back: everything is back to normal but they are still freaked out but are calming down
  • 9. reward- celebrating with friends and camping without bears around
  • all celebrate
  • 12. return of the elixir: they are all celebrating that they got rid of the bear. He has learned to not be afraid and that he is more powerful than he thought
  • 11. the resurrection: he feels good about himself in defeating the bear. now has more confidence and less fear camping
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