anasi go fishing
Updated: 2/12/2021
anasi go fishing

Storyboard Text

  • write now they just talking about how they gone be going fishing tomorow.
  • wow turtle how did you catch that big fish
  • oh yeah that will be fun
  • oh i just got from fishing do you want to learn
  • man hes so stupid im just going to make him do all the work
  • ok see you tomorow
  • ok there talking about how to cook
  • we for two hour to se if we got a fish.
  • ok i did it now what
  • we got a fish
  • so first you will need to make a net then throw it into the water.
  • ok
  • no no no i want to cook
  • ok i eat you get full
  • ok i will cook the fish ok
  • this is when turtle out smart spider