City of Ember
Updated: 1/28/2021
City of Ember

Storyboard Text

  • Event One: In the Mayor's OfficeWhen Lina was doing her next task, which was sending a message to the mayor, she was curious and she wandered around in the office while the mayor was done. She ended up on the roof of the tallest building in Ember and then got caught by one of the guards.
  • I was here to send you a message!
  • You shouldn't be wandering around on the roof!
  • Event Two: The Generator At Doon's job, Doon wanted to go in the generator room, but he needs permission to go. He thinks if he goes in there, he would know how electricity works and he keep the lights of Ember burning.
  • Maybe if I have a look at the Generator room, I could know how to help the city!
  • GeneratorRoom
  • Do not enter unless you have permission
  • Stop
  • And where is Poppy?
  • Event Three: Granny Finding Something in the CouchWhen Lina gets home, she finds Granny looking for something in the couch, something passed down from the 7th mayor of the city who is Granny's grandfather.
  • Granny, what are doing to the couch!
  • I'm finding something that my grandfather, also known as the 7th mayor left.
  • hii