The Breadwinner
Updated: 2/3/2020
The Breadwinner
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  • Main Characters 
  • setting
  • Conflict
  • The main characters in The Breadwinner are Parvana (Ellis 1), Nooria (Ellis 1), the mom (Ellis 1), Shauzia (Ellis 87), and Mrs. Weera ( Ellis 137).
  • Theme
  • The setting in the Breadwinner is in the market (Ellis 67). Parvana goes into the market to get food for her family.Her dad is in jail so Parvana cuts her hair to provide for her family.
  • Social Issue
  • The conflict in the Breadwinner is that her dad had to go to jail because he was a teacher ( Ellis 43). Parvana's family couldn't live without a boy to go outside, so Parvana pretened into a boy.
  • Symbol
  • The theme in Breadwinner is to do whatever it takes to help your family. Only boys could work, so she changed her appearance to work to pay for food and water(Ellis 61)
  • The social issue in the Breadwinner is that girls can't go outside. They can't go to school and the only way they can go out if if they had a man. The girls couldn't go to school and had to stay in one room( Ellis 1).
  • The symbol in the Breadwinner is scissors. Parvana cut her hair so she was able to go outside (Ellis 61).If she didn't have scissors she wouldn't be able to cut her hair and her family would have to survive with no food or water.
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