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5 Spheres
Updated: 10/18/2020
5 Spheres
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  • Earth is an environment that many living organisms call home. People split earth into 5 spheres.
  • The biodiversity is one of the most common spheres. It includes all living organisms. For example, the dog next to me.
  • The hudson river is such a pretty sight. It's apart of the hydrosphere. The Hydrosphere consist of any water, lakes rivers, oceans, and many more.
  • The cryosphere is like the off brand hydrosphere. It consist of all bodies of water that are frozen. Some include glacier's, ice cubes, and more. In other words BRRR!
  • The atmosphere is the sphere containing all the gases on earth. Oxygen, Nitrogen, Carbon dioxide are all apart of this sphere
  • Last but not least we have the geosphere. It consist of all the ground beneath us. Rocks, soil, the earths crust. Those are all examples of the geosphere. Its like a foundation for the earth.
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