act 5
Updated: 5/19/2020
act 5
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  • Othello hears screams from Roderigo and thinks that Iago has killed Cassio. Cassio is only injured and this makes Othello to kill Desdemona.
  • "The voice of Cassio! Iago keeps his word."
  • "It is even so."
  • "O, villain I am!"
  • "O, help ho! Light! A surgeon!"
  • To not cause suspicion from Cassio and Iago not trusting Roderigo in case he reveals his plan, he kills Roderigo.  Iago never really cared for Roderigo.
  • "O damned Iago! O inhuman dog!"
  • "O murd'rous slave! O villain!"
  • Othello about to kill Desdemona tells her there is no coming back from this and that it too late. Desdemona tries to reason with him he then strangles her. Iago has convinced Othello to do this.
  • "But half an hour!"
  • "But while I say one prayer!"
  • "Being done, there is no pause."
  • "It is too late."
  • Othello explains his reason to why he killed Desdemona, was because Iago said that she was cheating on him. Emilia is putting Iago plan together, ready to expose Iago's truth.
  • "Ay, 'twas he told me on her first. An honest man he is..."
  • "My husband?"
  • Emilia said that she gave Iago the handkerchief, and that he used it to put it into Cassio's house. Revealing the truth and evidence that Othello needed to know.
  • "She give it Cassio? No, alas, I found it, and I give't my husband."
  • "Villainous whore!"
  • "Filth, thou liest!"
  • Othello knew that if he stayed alive he would be arrested and taken away of his position, so he kills himself.
  • "I kissed thee ere I killed thee. No way but this, killing myself, to die upo a kiss."
  • "All that is spoke is marred."
  • "O bloody period!"
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