Dad can I come home

Updated: 8/27/2021
Dad can I come home

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English Essay

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  • Eve screen called her dad(Mr walker) from work.They have been apart from each other for 2 years.Eve actually wanted to ask her dad a favour, but they couldn't talk for a long period of time.
  • Eve told her father about Janice her co-pilot.Then she started telling her father about the shot down with Zitunm.Eve told her father on how Janice saved her life.Janice lost an arm and both her legs, she said to her father.While they were on a call Eve asked her dad if Janice could come stay with them.Well Mr Walker refused .
  • Eve was sad on how her Father reacted.She didn't tell Janice about her call with her father.As she was crying she thought of a plan.Eve was heart broken.
  • Eve wrote a letter to her father.She then took a rope and commited suicide in her room and no one saw her
  • As Mr Walker was sitting, he received a call from Janice.He was happy to see her.As they were talking Mr Walker started thanking Janice for risking her life for Eve.Janice was surprised, she then told Mr Walker that Eve saved her life and Eve was the one who lost both her legs and an arm.
  • After some time, Janice told Mr Walker about Eve's death.He couldn't believe it.Janice read the later Eve wrote for her dad about feeling like she is going to become a burden to him.