The Year The World Stood Still

Updated: 5/20/2020
The Year The World Stood Still

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  • One night, I just saw in the news that there would be no school for a month! At first I thought it wouldn't be that long, but I was wrong. It was all thanks to a virus called the Coronavirus, or CO-VID19. My friends Stacey, Zophie and I were shocked.
  • Hey, I'm Theresa Bullgrim and this was the quarantine for me
  • S
  • WHA?!
  • There's no way!
  • Why??
  • I remember my brother Diego showing news to me about it 2 months before, but it was only in China, the country where it all started because a man ate a bat with the virus and it ended up in humans.
  • 2 months before...
  • China? YesThe world? No
  • And just like that, we stayed at home and started having classes at home. And also, every time our parents went outside, they used these face masks because the virus is transmitted by entering your eyes, nose and mouth. To kill it, we must wash our hands and stay home.
  • Bullgrim Family
  • Wash your hands
  • A week later, other from markets, pharmacies, some shops and hospitals, everything got cancelled and everyone was sent home! Only adults could go out and in certain days and hours. It was like an apocalypse! My mom and my dad mostly stayed home from there.
  • Well that will be a problem
  • WHAT?!
  • I want this to eeeeend!
  • 1 month in quarantine
  • 2 months passed, and Zophie got the virus. I cried a couple of times, it was hard. It seemed that it would never end. But finally, they announced a new normality that would take time where we could go out, with face masks but still.
  • Why her?!
  • 2 months in quarantine
  • Even though it was hard for all of us, we has time to spend in family, we cleaned our spaces, and we even gave our atmosphere some time to get better. This helped us think. And in the end, we all changed for good and we're all happy. The End.
  • 4 months, quarantine is over
  • After 2 months, almost everything went back to normal, except that we had to wear masks and wash our hands more often. And Zophie got better!