King Arthur
Updated: 11/25/2019
King Arthur

Storyboard Text

  • Whoso pulleth out this sword from this stone, is right wise King born of all England.
  • I will listen to you always.
  • The story begins when Uther Pendragon gives up his newborn child ‘Arthur’ to Merlin the Master of Magic. Merlin takes Arthuraway and gives his away to a good knight, Sir Ector. So, Arthur grew up withSir Ector and his son Kay.
  • When Uther Pendragon died there wasa big argument between knights over who should get the throne. Merlin put amagical sword in a stone which could only be drawned by the rightful heir tothe throne; Arthur. Sir Ector and his family travel to the kingdom for ajousting tournament, when Arthur goes to find a sword and decides to take thesword from the stone without the knowing what it meant.
  • Good-Day King Leodegraunce
  • Once Arthur comes to the realisation that he is destined to be King and that Sir Ector is not his father, he assures Sir Ector that he will listen to his words as he will always be his father and Sir Kay will always be his brother and best friend.
  • Merlin takes Arthur under his wing and tells himthe story and how he is meant to be King.
  • Merlin introduces Arthur to the kingdom of Camelot and there he begins his new life. Arthur then meets Guinevere, King Leodegraunce's daughter and decides he wants to marry her.
  • Arthurs half-sister, Morgana Le Fay, threatens Camelot and Arthur with sorcery. After facing many battles to protect his throne, Arthur must defend his throne and prove that he is worthy of leading Camelot. Morgana uses her sorcery to control Arthur, but luckily Merlin is more powerful.