soap opera storyboard
Updated: 3/8/2021
soap opera storyboard

Storyboard Text

  • scene1: cabin in the woods
  • g l v f
  • scene2: village shop
  • scene3: gossipers
  • Belle wakes up in an abandoned cabin with the door locked last thing she remembers is walking home from the school disco.
  • scene4: school office
  • Belles mum walks into the village shop looking distressed the shop keeper asks if everything is alright Belles mum tells him how Belle is missing.
  • scene5: cabin (night)
  • Belles mum leaves, Mabel and Betty walk in and gossip about where they think Belle is and why they think she ran away.
  • scene6: forest
  • Belles mum comes into the school office to ask the principle what happened at the disco and if he saw Belle. he says that he hadn't seen her since she left last night.
  • Belle finds old junk lying around and knocks out the man who came into the cabin
  • c c c c
  • Belle escapes the cabin and sprints into the woods the man woke up. Belle trips and screams.