Modern Day Twist on The Prodigal Son parable
Updated: 2/24/2021
Modern Day Twist on The Prodigal Son parable

Storyboard Text

  • Hi! I'm Lexi
  • Hello, nice to meet you! My name is Olivia
  • Bye Mum! I really need money, so could you give me a bit more? Thanks xx
  • Alright dearie... be safe
  • I really wish Lexi wasn't going...
  • Let's party!!!!!
  • A teen girl called Lexi comes from a small town in America. Her older sister called Olivia got into Harvard with a full scholarship and thinks that Lexi is very lazy, but Lexi is very bored in her small town and wants to set out into the big world.
  • How have I got myself into this mess? At home, I lived a simple life, but it was good and instead I threw it all away! I feel so ashamed!
  • Lexi gets a chance to become a model and she travels to LA to work. Her mother disapproves secretly, but lets Lexi go along with giving her a fair bit of money for the trip.
  • Oh Mum! I'm so sorry! I wasted all the money that you gave me, and I've made a complete fool of myself! I should have just stayed home.
  • However, when Lexi gets to LA, she lets the fame take over and she starts going to parties, drinking and smoking.
  • I'm so glad everyone has welcomed me back!
  • After Lexi left us?!? Why does she get everything! It's so unfair!!
  • Since Lexi is not turning up to work, and she is starting to get a bad reputation online, the company fires her. She ends up becoming a janitor at one of the high schools in LA.
  • Lexi realizes that becoming a model is just not all about money and fame. She sets back home, ready to apologize, but her mum forgives her and is so overjoyed that she has returned.
  • Aww, honey, please don't cry, you realized that what you did was wrong, and you came back. I'll always love you and I'm so happy your back home!
  • Her mum holds a massive party to welcome Lexi home. Olivia is really jealous and yells at her mum asking why no one is celebrating for her, when she has been working so hard and also why has she got no money. Her mum tells her that since Lexi has realized that what she did was wrong, we should be celebrating that she has come home.
  • Olivia, I love you more than anything, but we need to celebrate that Lexi has found her way back!