Cattle of the sun god story board summary
Updated: 2/11/2021
Cattle of the sun god story board summary

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The cattle of the sun god storyboard ya

Storyboard Text

  • Do not eat the cattle, we have food!!!
  • Odysseus and his crew get stuck on the island of Thrinacia because the strong winds. They have to wait to leave the Island until the winds stop or slow down.
  • Odysseus warns the men not to kill and eat the cattle on the island. After a month on the Island, they had not touched the herds, but were growing starved.
  • They killed my cattle!!!
  • When they ran out of food, Eurylochus tells the crew that they should eat the cattle. The men give into temptation and they kill the cattle.
  • The crew had eaten the cattle out of starvation. Odysseus wakes up from sleep and realizes what the men had done.
  • Helios is outraged by the men for killing his cattle. Helios urges Zeus to punish the men for what they had done.
  • Once the wind stopped they set sail. Zeus sends a thunderhead above the ship, killing everybody except Odysseus.