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The Virgin
Updated: 9/1/2020
The Virgin
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  • I shall be coming back quickly, you will wait for me
  • sure
  • how much was he going to get?
  • "three"
  • He went to where Miss Mijares sat, a tall, big man, walking with an economy of movement, graceful and light, a man who knew his body and used it well. She pushed a sheet towards him, rolling a pencil along with it. «I shall be coming back quickly,» she said, speaking distinctly in the dialect , «you will wait for me».As she walked to the cafeteria, Miss Mijares thought about how she could easily have said, Please wait for me, or will you wait for me? But years of working for the placement section had dulled the edges of her instinct for courtesy.
  • Huh? i could've sworn that was the right jeep
  • She had gone through all these with singular patience, for it had seemed to herthat love stood behind her, biding her time, a quiet hand upon her shoulder sothat if she wished she had but to turn from her mother’s bed to see the manand all her timid, pure dreams would burst into glory.In the end, she had died –– her toothless, thin-haired, flabby-fleshed mother ––and Miss Mijares had pushed against the bed in grief and also in gratitude.
  • Why were you absent for the whole week!?
  • I was in the province ma'am there was an emergency my son died
  • «The new one there, hey,» Ato said once. «We're breaking him in proper.» And he looked across several shirted backs to where he stopped, planning what was to become the side of a bookcase.How much was he going to get? Miss Mijares asked Ato on Wednesday. «Three,» the old man said, chewing away on a cud. She looked at the list in her hands, quickly running a pencil down
  • The following week, something happened to her: she lost her way home.Miss Mijares was quite sure she had boarded the right jeepneys, but the driver, hoping to beat traffic, had detoured down a side alley, and then seeing he was low on gas, he took still another shortcut to a filling station.
  • The new hand was absent for a week. Miss Mijares waited on that Tuesday; he first failed to report for some word from him sent to Ato and then to her. When a man was absent, and he sent no word, it upset the system. «It was an emergency, ma'am,» he said.
  • Miss Mijares stepped down to a sidewalk in front of a boarded store.The wind had begun again and she could hear it whipping in the eaves aboveher head. «Ma’am,» the man’s voice sounded at her shoulders, «I am sorry ifyou thought I lied.» She gestured, bestowing pardon.
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